A place with a landscape that make you speechless

Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus in German) is located in Berchtesgaden, Germany. It was built for Adolf Hitler as his 50th birthday present. It is 1834m above sea level and if the weather is good you can see even as far as Salzburg (35km).

When visiting Eagle’s Nest it is easiest to leave your car on the park place of Obersalzberg  – from there you have to go forward by common bus transport. The road up is narrow and  height differences are big so even the bus trip is a huge experience.

Prices 2023:

  • Adults 30,80e
  • Children (6-14y) 16,00€
  • Children under 6y free
  • Familyticket 62,90€
  • Familyticket one adult + children 32,90€
  • The first bus transport departures at 8.55 and then after every 25 minutes.
  • Last trip up is at 16.00 and down at 16.50.

Open 2023:

  • Begin/mid May to end of October


  • The bus will transport passengers near Eagle’s Nest and there you will walk inside the mountain.  Then there will be a “golden” elevator that will take the passengers up.
  • There is a restaurant at Eagle’s Nest were you can have a dinner or something to drink.
  • Dogs are allowed up if you go up by walking and they are not allowed inside.
  • https://www.kehlsteinhaus.de/english/

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